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2882 ACR AquaLink™ PLB - Personal Locator Beacon
2882 ACR AquaLink™ PLB - Personal Locator Beacon
Manufacturer: Acr Electronics    Manufacturer Part #: 2882
UPC #: 791659028827
In Stock:  6   Check Stock in Real Time   
AquaLink™ PLB - Personal Locator BeaconNEW FEATURES: Send I'm OK Messages and GPS Location Maps. Increase the functionality of your PLB with optional 406Link.com non-emergency messaging service. Head offshore with confidence. With three levels of integrated signal technology - GPS positioning, a powerful 406 MHz signal and 121.5 MHz homing capability - the AquaLink™ quickly and accurately relays your position to a worldwide network of Search and Rescue satellites, reducing search time and increasing ...
Our Price: $305.17

CL-MOBI Clipper MOBi Man Overboard Indicator w/3 Fobs
CL-MOBI Clipper MOBi Man Overboard Indicator w/3 Fobs
Manufacturer: Clipper    Manufacturer Part #: CL-MOBI
UPC #: 609722886758
In Stock:  1   Check Stock in Real Time   
MOBi Man Overboard IndicatorThe MOBi is a state of the art, fail-safe transponder man overboard system. It consists of a base unit and up to eight active transponders for crew or valuable equipment. In operation the base station sequentially interrogates each transponder which then broadcasts its presence. In the event of a crew member falling overboard the drop in signal level is detected by the base unit which sounds a high intensity audible alarm. To aid identification of the missing crew member the base ...
Our Price: $419.84

CLZ-FOB Clipper MOBi Fob
CLZ-FOB Clipper MOBi Fob
Manufacturer: Clipper    Manufacturer Part #: CLZ-FOB
In Stock:  1   Check Stock in Real Time   
MOBi Fob Waterproof fob uses standard AAA type batteries Compact display size: 150 x 112 x 42mm Fob weight:100 grams Fob dimensions 77 x 47 x 38mm max with belt clip ...
Our Price: $65.13
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